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About Adder Packs

Adder Packs exist to help you administer the correct first aid to your dog in the event of an adder bite before you can get to a veterinary surgery.  Everything you need is neatly tucked away in this pack including a very clear and concise 'What to do' guide to help you through. 

Carry it in your backpack whenever you are walking your dog for peace of mind that you have the knowledge and ability to do what is needed for your friend if the worst should happen.


So, what's inside and why is it needed?

A bit about me....


An Emergency Information Card​

Fill this in with your dog's details and your vet's contact information for quick reference.

UK Snake Identification Card

This helps you to identify the 3 different snakes native to the UK.  Use this card to familiarise yourself with what an adder looks like.

An Adder Distribution Map

Are there adders in the area that you will be walking?  Check this map for information

2 x Bells and Clip 

To attach to your dogs collar before you head out walking - let those adders know you are coming, they don't want to meet you!

A 'What to do' Guide

This will help guide you through the first aid steps - what to do and when.

A Sterile Saline Pod

This is to flush the site of the bite. It will help to remove contamination and reduce the risk of localised infection.

An Instant Ice Pack

This needs to be applied gently to the bite area to help reduce pain and swelling. This will also cause vasoconstriction and help slow the spread of the venom. 

A Pot for Antihistamines

Place two antihistamine tablets in this pot. When contacting your vet they may suggest you administer these.


My name is Catherine and this is my little dog Mini. 


I am a qualified Veterinary Nurse and have worked in the industry since 1997.  I currently work in a referral hospital in Cornwall.


As you can imagine, I have seen and treated many adder bites in my time.   


I wanted to create these packs in the hope that as many patients as possible get to go home to their families as quickly as they can.

I know from experience just how much prompt first aid can impact these cases, which I hope I have provided within these packs.

I look forward to being able to help my fellow dog walkers and their furry friends.


All comments and feedback are very welcome.

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