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The kit all dog owners should have,
but we hope you never need!

With Adder bites in dogs on the rise, it could pay to be prepared whenever out walking with your dog.  All adder bites require urgent veterinary treatment,  but your immediate actions, should the worst happen, can make all the difference to your dog's recovery.


Our Adder Pack provides you with all the necessary information and equipment needed to administer this immediate first aid.  There is also a clear and concise 'What To Do' guide to help you through the period between the time of the bite and your arrival at the vets.


What Our Customers Are Saying


'We can now walk through the dunes and up on the moors feeling more reassured as we have this immediate first aid pack for snake bites.  Great bit of kit and would highly recommend to all dog walkers'.

Giles Penn with 'Ruby' - Cornwall



Heading 1


Heading 1


Adder Pack-01.png

Having the pack and the knowledge helped tremendously.  Us staying calm kept her calm!

Paula with - 'Koda' - North Shields

Adder Pack - black-01.jpg
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